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"Finally, a company created to satisfy all the needs to face language challenges. In Verba you can find a specific solution for your company; quality answers backed-up by our experience and a true passion for communicational processes."

Mining process experts

Verba is made of a group of college professionals with at least ten years of experience. Our specialty is the Engineering and Mining area and we work closely with consultants of the area we approach.

  Verba Offers
  • Translation
    Text Edition
    English and Spanish Classes

  • Presentation Preparation Assessment
    Conference Call Support
    Work Interview Support

Technical Translations
In Verba we are experts in technical documents, especially those of the mining area, such as Purchase area recommendations, LORs, executive summaries, design criteria, reports, technical specifications, and procedures, amongst others.
Simultaneous Interpreting
We also offer : simultaneous interpreting through the use of interpretation equipment from Spanish to English and English to Spanish; and contact interpreting, which is carried out directly in meetings and conference calls.
Work Interview Support
This service consists of a session focused on the review of your résumé and cover letter. Uponrequest, wemay consider a simulated interview to help you acquire confidence. Our expert will correct and help you express as best as possible depending of the available timeframe.